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Damon Braces

Damon System is a revolutionary braces in modern orthodontics. This low-friction, low force system moves the teeth in a more biological sensitive way, and most importantly, it is faster!

The main advantage of Damon System are:

1. Appearance – the brackets are a lot smaller than traditional unsightly, bulky brackets. The best part is it comes in clear form now!

2. Time – study shows that on average the treatment time is 6 months shorter than traditional braces!

3. Minimum discomfort – Unlike the traditional braces that tighten the wires to the brackets by elastic rings, the new brackets are made of small gates that hold the wire in place. This automatics reduces the forces apply to the teeth hence reduce the discomfort!

4. Wider smile – Damon system is famous at creating a wider arches, which means gives you a wider smile! It will also give more support under the flatten upper lips as a result of ageing.

Damon Braces Beyond 32 Dental

check out these video for more information on this break through technology!

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