If you’ve ever considered any form of implant-based tooth restoration, you’ll know that the dental implant cost is high. Research suggests that on average here in Australia, you can expect to pay around $3750 per tooth and while that sounds a lot, have you ever wondered why they cost what they do?

In this post, we’ll dive into what affects the price, why they might save you money and what you can do to get cheaper dental implant treatment without the risk of travelling abroad. So let’s get started. 


Key factors that affect dental implant cost


The parts

If you’ve ever seen a dental implant, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it doesn’t look much, but you’d be wrong. Dental implants are, in fact, highly-engineered and made to maximise stability when placed in the jaw. Then, of course, there’s the abutment and crown. These need to be precision-made to fit precisely and are in part why dental implants cost so much.

The implant post is typically made from titanium because of its durable, non-allergenic properties and the biocompatibility factor (the ability to fuse with bone). Titanium is the same material used on Formula One racing cars and numerous Space Shuttles, which adds to the dental implants cost



Additional treatments

Okay, so while additional treatments won’t affect the cost of a dental implant directly, they will affect the price of your dental implant treatment.  If you’ve had missing teeth for a while, there’s a strong chance that bone will need to be regenerated before an implant can successfully be placed. As such, a bone graft procedure is a common add-on procedure for dental implant treatment. In terms of added dental implants cost, you can expect to pay a  further $2500 -$3000. 

Other pre-treatments include sinus lifting and periodontal therapy.  

To find out whether you may or may not need additional treatments, visit a dentist that offers a free consultation. That way, you can find out whether you require additional services, and of course, you should have a better idea of the overall dental implant cost


The experience of the dentist

Naturally, when choosing a dentist to carry out a dental implant treatment, experience and integrity are crucial. Typically, specialist dentists like oral surgeons and prosthodontists are likely to charge more than a general dentist who may also be qualified to carry out implant-based restorations. 


The cost of dental implants – Materials and labour

Dental implant cost can be broken down into two major factors to make the fees easier to comprehend.

  • Lab fees and componentry – Typically, this ranges from $1000 – $2000 depending upon the implant brand and the dentist’s chosen laboratory
  • Other residuals including staff wages, insurance cost, PPE equipment, education and training, utilities, and overheads – This forms the other $2000 -$2500

When you add it up, dental implants aren’t cheap to provide Initially. Yet, in the long-term, dental implant treatment will save you money in most cases vs. other types of restoration, including dentures and conventional bridges. 

Why? Because implants can last for many years, possibly indefinitely, if cared for correctly. Conversely, dentures and bridges will need replacing every 5-7 years on average.    

So now you know how much dental implants cost and why they are a favourable treatment option for tooth replacement; how can you save money on your dental implant treatment


Check your health cover

teeth implants prices cherrybrookIf you have private healthcare cover, you may be eligible for some form of reimbursement towards your treatment. Typically this comes under ‘major dental, extra’s.’ If your policy covers periodontics but doesn’t expressly exclude dental implants, then some costs may be covered. 

Your health fund won’t cover all the cost of dental implants, and most insurance companies aren’t overly generous with their contributions paying somewhere between $500 and $1500 on average. However, in most cases, you will need to wait 12 months after taking out a policy before you can access any form of payment. 


Payment plans

Perhaps the best way to save money on an implant-based restoration is to talk to your dentist about payment plans. Most dentists nowadays offer flexible payment plans which allow you to spread the cost of treatments like dental implants over several months. This can alleviate the financial burden of footing the entire cost of treatment in one go. Why not get a free consultation at your local dental clinic and ask them how they can help you spread the cost of dental implants treatment.   

So there you have it – everything you need to know about dental implant cost, why they cost what they do and how you can save money on treatment. 

At Beyond 32 Dental, we’re currently offering a free consultation and a free CBCT scan. This way, you can find out whether implants are the right option for you. 


Call us and book your free dental consultation near you on (02) 9158 6334. Our highly skilled team provides exemplary care, comfort, and experience, having placed over 400 dental implants, so rest assured you are in safe and highly-capable hands.




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