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dental implants in cherrybrook

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Consequences of missing teeth – Missing tooth/teeth will not only affect the smile and chewing ability, more importantly after the tooth is lost the underlying jaw bone will shrink. The shrinkage of bone will cause a lack of support of the face.

Are you having loose denture? Do you have missing teeth? Dental implants can be a solution.

Bone Loss

At Beyond32 Dental, Dr Jeff is well trained to be doing digital keyhole implants utilising the cutting edge techniques.

Benefits of keyhole implants include:

1. Less chair time
2. Faster recovery
3. Minimal discomfort after surgery

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Traditional Surgery

What are dental implants in Cherrybrook?

Dental implants are bio-compatible titanium rods sitting under the jaw bone. When it is integrated into the jaw bone, it can be used to support artificial teeth, or providing anchor for loose denture. There are several advantage of dental implants as compare to other treatment options for missing teeth:

1. Unlike bridge, dental implants will not damage either side of the missing tooth. Stand alone implants prevent the neighbouring teeth from needing a crown, especially if they are not heavily restored.

2. When the denture is loose, whether is full or partial, dental implants can become anchor points for the loose denture. More importantly with dental implants it can maintain the bone volume shrinking any further. This cannot be achieved by removable denture.

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a professional opinion from a qualified dental practitioner.