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Dental tourism is becoming popular, with many citing affordability in their reasoning for seeking dental implants overseas. However, is getting your dental implant overseas rather than at home in Australia really the best route? Below are some important factors to consider.


What are dental implants? 

Before you look into where you’re getting a dental implant, it’s important to have a good understanding of what a dental implant actually is.

Dental implants are durable and permanent tooth and root replacement systems. They’re installed by a dental provider in order to feel, look, and function like a natural tooth. If your gums are healthy and you have sufficient jawbone density, then this might be an excellent route for you to go if you need tooth replacement.

There are two main kinds of implants in Australia. A single implant just replaces one tooth, whereas an all-on-four implant (sometimes referred to as an implant-supported bridge) can replace an entire row of teeth.


What are the components of dental implants?

A high-quality dental implant consists of three key components:


  • A small metal post (abutment) 

This post joins the titanium implant in the jaw to the artificial tooth. It sits partially outside and partially inside the gum.


  • The artificial tooth crown

This is what you’ll see when you look in the mirror. Made of incredibly durable, natural-looking materials, it sits on the metal post and acts as a replacement tooth both functionally and aesthetically.


  • A titanium implant

This small device acts akin to a natural tooth’s root system. In order to mimic a root system effectively, this screw-like titanium implant is placed  into the jawbone. After a time, the implant will fuse with the bone and create an incredibly strong new root system for the entire implant.


Overall cost

Remember, when considering a dental implant overseas, it’s easy just to look at the ticket price of the implant without considering the overall cost of the trip. However, there is a number of fees to consider.

  1. Cost of transportation
    • Plane fare
    • Cost of transportation to and from airports
    • Any cost of staying in another country: hotels, food, taxis
  2. Cost of the overseas dental implant
  3. Cost of any further dental procedures if you experience complications
  4. The time that is taken to go overseas and receive the implant procedure


What happens when mistakes happen?

Different countries often have different dental standards. There can be a difference in standards in dental training, dental practice sanitation, and implant standards.

These factors are also crucial to consider. What happens when a mistake is made with an overseas dental implant? Do you return to that country for a second time?


Dental standards in Australia 

The Dental Board of Australia has crafted a number of guidelines, codes, and policies to help dental providers understand and implement safe practice and ethical marketing. This helps dentists in Australia provide their patients with reliable services.

In addition to providing dentists with continuing education resources—resources which can aid in keeping dentists up to date with recent implant developments and procedures—the Dental Board of Australia extensively details expected dentists’ infection control obligations.

These standards help make dental procedures safer. Because these standards help prevent infection or contamination, which in turn make the initial dental implant procedure much more likely to succeed in the long run. This helps you protect the health of your teeth.


The benefits of procedures in Australia

Receiving a dental implant in Australia has the benefits of Australian safety standards and regulations. However, there are many other benefits to getting dental implants in Australia.

First, it’s easier to get to know your dentist personally. By going to a local dentist, you can form a relationship with your dental provider’s whole office. This personal relationship helps build a sense of trust and accountability.

Second, you can get your questions answered easily. It’s much easier to call or go into the office in person and schedule preliminary visits when you don’t have to worry about catching a plane or booking airfare or even language barriers.

Finally, it’s much easier to go in for any follow-up work. Dental procedures are not simplistic, and it’s often safer for you to have follow-up appointments after receiving a new dental implant.



While there might seem to be some surface-level benefits to getting a dental implant overseas, overall cost, quality, and reliability encourage the thoughtful patient to stay in Australia.

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