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Teeth whitening at home eliminates the need for an inconvenient and expensive trip to the dentist and therefore has obvious appeal. But be aware that some DIY whitening treatments can put you at risk of chemical burns, nerve damage and enamel loss, and leave the teeth susceptible to erosion and immediate discolouration (something you most definitely don’t want!). 

The good news is that there are several safe and effective teeth whitening methods you can try at home. Even better, some of these methods are preventive, meaning they extend the longevity of past teeth whitening efforts and increase the length of time between whitening treatments. 

So, let’s jump in and take a closer look at some of them. 


How to get white teeth at home? 

It’s important to stress at this point that whitening should always be considered as a small part of a broader oral care routine and that your dentist will always be able to whiten your teeth faster and better than you can at home.

That said, we’ve put together a 7-step plan for getting whiter teeth at home. 


1. Regular dental cleans 

While we’re not completely against those convenient teeth whitening strips you can use at home, to achieve more effective results it’s best to have had a dental clean from your hygienist a month or two before. 

This way, your teeth and gums are in tip-top condition and any plaque that could create a stripey effect after whitening will have been removed. Remember, if your gum health is below par and they’re swollen or bleeding, teeth whitening is definitely a bad idea. 


2. Be aware of stain-inducing foods and drinks

guide how to get white teeth cherrybrookInstead of cutting back on your favourite foods and drinks that stain teeth, be aware of what you’re putting into your mouth and be proactive in your approach. Drinking plenty of water is a good habit and keeps your body hydrated and your teeth looking brighter while drinking pigmented beverages such as coffee and tea through a straw will keep the liquid away from your teeth.

Biting into a crunchy apple can also help remove debris between brushing and flossing. Be aware that when you consume foods or drinks that stain, you need to brush your teeth promptly afterwards. 

Routine oral care like brushing and flossing all help to keep stains at bay. 


3. Post-whitening buffer

When you’re wondering how to get teeth white, the obvious solution is a teeth whitening treatment. What’s not so obvious is the need to avoid food and drinks with heavy colouring for 48 hours after the event and stick to a ‘white’ diet to prevent teeth from discolouring right away. 


4. Use a sonic toothbrush

Investing in a sonic toothbrush could also be helpful in your quest for understanding how to get teeth white. These vibrating demons provide a deeper clean and get between the gum line and the teeth in a way that regular toothbrushes can’t. Also, be sure to angle the toothbrush so it’s right along the gum line. 


5. Brush twice and floss once each day

If you want to keep your teeth looking brighter for longer then it’s essential to brush your teeth twice a day and floss them once. Not only does it help remove surface stains but it also improves your oral health. Don’t forget to visit your dentist twice a year for routine check-ups and cleans. 


6. Choose the right toothpaste

When it comes to toothpaste, look out for teeth whitening paste that also promotes enamel repair. Reinforcing your tooth enamel is one of the best ways of avoiding problematic staining.  


7. Know that dentist-supervised whitening is always best

Dentist-supervised teeth whitening is the most reliable, safest, and fastest solution for those looking for ways to whiten their teeth. Because dentists are legally allowed to use a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide (bleaching agent) the results are faster and more effective than teeth whitening treatments you can buy from your local store. 

Moreover, a dentist will provide immediate treatment if a patient experiences tooth sensitivity. It’s always best to have chairside teeth whitening and maintain the results at home using custom whitening trays and gel from your dentist rather than relying on DIY treatments as a foundation.

So, there you have it. How to get white teeth at home.

If you’re interested in getting whiter teeth, then why not come and speak to our dentists at Beyond 32 Dental. As well as teeth whitening treatment using Philips Zoom there are other cosmetic options such as dental veneers that will give you a permanent whiter, brighter smile.


Call us today on (02) 9158 6334 or book online and take the first step towards a great smile and a more confident, happy you.

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