Looking for In House Sedation in Cherrybrook? We Have It Covered

If you are a nervous or anxious patient, then you might be seeking a local dentist who practices in-house sedation in Cherrybrook. Here at Beyond 32 Dental, we’re proud to offer sedation dentistry in Cherrybrook right here at our modern family-focused dental practice.

Naturally, we want our patients to have a positive experience when they visit us, but we’re also fully aware that some patients might need a helping hand. As a result, you’ll be pleased to know that our team are highly experienced in the latest in sedation dentistry. Therefore, Cherrybrook residents can rest assured that with us, they are in safe hands.

In-house sedation in Cherrybrook – What we offer

In-house Sedation Cherrybrook Beyond 32 Dental


The two types of sedation available at Beyond 32 Dental are:

  • IV Sedation – which is administered via a small cannula placed on the back of the hand and,
  • Inhalation sedation, which is commonly known as happy gas.

Each method delivers good results and allows patients to have the treatment they need while placing them in a relaxed and happy state.

The benefits of offering sedation dentistry in Cherrybrook are as follows

Reduction in the number of visits

Some nervous or anxious dental patients find it hard to even sit in the dental chair, let alone have treatment, so even having one treatment can be a real push. With in-house sedation dentistry, however, patients can have several or more treatments while remaining safe under sedation.

You’ll be feeling pretty good

They don’t call it happy gas for nothing -it’s true! Nitrous oxide – the gas used for RA treatments and other sedatives used in IV treatments, is designed to put you in a happy, relaxed state. Most people don’t know much about the treatment, but many people do experience feelings of euphoria and a gentle floating sensation.

Zero after effects

Some people feel sick after receiving general anaesthetic and it can stay in your system for hours – even days. Happy gas, on the other hand, gives you zero after effects, so patients will be back to normal pretty quickly after the event.

IV sedation doesn’t work quite as instantaneously but patients should be back to normal within the hour. For this reason, it may be okay to drive home after undergoing happy gas, but you will need someone to drive you if IV sedation is carried out.  Either way, consult with Dr Lin or Dr Chung first.

It’s not a general anaesthetic

Sedation is not a general anaesthetic and as a result, any risks are virtually non-existent. Instead, patients who are coming out of sedation tend to feel very relaxed and generally aware of their surroundings.

In-house sedation here in Cherrybrook can be safely used on adults and children alike across a wide range of treatments. 

If you’re putting off some much-needed dental work because you fear the pain or discomfort more than most, in house sedation in Cherrybrook might just be the answer. For further information, give our experienced team at Beyond 32 Dental a call on (02) 9158-6334 and let us help you get the dental treatment you need.

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